What happens when an eighty-four year old woman gains legal guardianship of a ten-year-old boy?

Anna Wilson is, by all appearances, a typical elderly spinster planted firmly in her solitary ways—un-used to children, let alone ten year old boys, in her life. But it all changes for her the day her neighbor, Robby Tate, comes bounding into her orderly world. It begins when Anna hires him to do chores around the house. In time, the two build an unlikely but solid friendship. When tragedy strikes Robby at home, Anna comes to the boy’s aid and nothing, it seems, will ever tear them apart—or will it?

The story’s rich characters—Robby, Jack and Marge, and Anna’s caregiver Ruby—not only fill Anna’s heart with unconditional love, but these unforgettable friends are there for her during her darkest hours. This is a story that reminds you that being loved gives you strength, but loving someone gives you courage.


Gerald Miller


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